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Mentor/Mentee: Lope Max Diaz/Luke Miller Buchanan

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Mentor/Mentee: Lope Max Diaz/Luke Miller Buchanan

Currently exhibiting in the gallery until the 27 of May are the paintings of former NCSU College of Design art professor Lope Max Diaz and one of his most outstanding students, mixed media artist Luke Miller Buchanan. This marks the first time mentor and mentee have shown their works together. The work on the surface seems so vastly different- Lope using minimalist geometric forms combined with three dimensional additives while Luke combines collage, found materials and painting to create an expressionistic landscape of location. Looking closer at Luke’s work one can find abstract shapes that reference to the geometric forms found in Lope’s work. Found objects and mixed media also tie the works together in the way that enforces the idea that found objects can add another dimension to a piece.

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